Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our group worked in the GuarderĂ­a all day today, playing with the little kids. During lunch time at the main building a bunch of us handed out gift bags to the volunteers and employees, which contained chocolate and a pencil. Everyone seemed very greatful for the small token of our gratitude.
We got to do our soy yo project one last time with a group of six years old's in the afternoon. It was a hit! I worked with this little boy named Carlos whose favorite color was green. He was really cute and exuberant. Half way through the project we all took a break to participate in a going away party for the movement and dance teacher, Shannon. A bunch of the kids had made cards for her and there was a lot of singing and dancing. Down here break dancing is a huge part of their culture and a bunch of the boys are, B Boys. So some of the kids showed off some of their sick moves for everyone. It was quite entertaining to watch some kinds no taller than my hips, throwing down expert moves.

A bunch of us are planning on going out on the town later