Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cultural Differences

As I have been immersed in the American cultural for a handful of days now, I've been taking note in all of the cultural differences. All the small and or large things that are different from one country to another. 

Let the contrast wars begin...

In America:
  • there are stop lights
  • a large majority of the cars hold more than five people
  • people will go to the super market in their pajamas
  • everything is rushed...don't want to waste time
  • everything happens earlier

In Spain:
  • there are round-abouts instead of lights
  • all cars are small city cars, five people maximum
  • people will get dressed up just to go to the super market
  • time is limitless, why rush things when you can go at a nice comfortable pace
  • everything happens later

I have to say, before spending a year abroad,  I was fine going to the store in grungy clothes, and I didn't mind eating dinner at 5:30pm, which should technically still be the afternoon. However, after a year of adjusting myself to looking nice just to step outside or to eating dinner at 11pm, I'm having a challenge readjusting to the oh so popular American ways. 
What has really been the hardest for me to welcome back into my life again is the time schedule. I had to work really hard at the beginning of the year to adjust myself to the Spanish time cycle and now when my family begins heading to bed around 9:30-10, I'm just left alone trying to figure out something to do... and reminiscing is what usually ends up happening, which isn't the greatest idea, because I always end up feeling more lost in life than when I began.

I would love to say that transitioning back into my old life is easy, but that would be far from the truth. I feel like an alien from mars, and I can't quite figure out what I am suppose to be doing.