Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleepy Travels

I am currently sitting in a youth hostel in the center of Barcelona, Spain! We arrived into Spain after a long tiresome journey.

We left Boston on the 15th at approximately 5pm and arrived in Frankfurt Germany about 6 hours later but with the 6 hour time change it ended up being 12 hours later :) Joy...taking away precious teenage sleep hours. The plane that we went on was a beast. If you think double decker buses are cool wait until you see a double decker plane. Of course we didn't get to go up stairs because that was for first class only, which was a total bummer, and our seats were like every other squished airplane cabin. The rows were 10 across, 4 in the middle and 3 on either side of the plane.

In Frankfurt I got another country in my passport and many blisters and cuts from my clogs that obiously have not be worn enough.
The day that we left on we went to Harvard square in the morning and it was a bit bitter sweet saying goodbye, Quinn if your reading this it made me think about you! It really made me realize how much I actually love New England, but, of course theres a but, Barcelona is beautiful. Many exotic buildings, very colorful and mopeds every where, hundreds parked on the side walks, exspecially outside of the universities.

I've had a bundle full of mixed emotions since I said goodbye on Wednesday. I've had a nervousness in the pit of my stomach for the past three days and finally since we got on the plane its seem to have subsided a bit. Saying goodbye was tough but I was able to pull myself together for the sake of not embarassing myself in front of the other students. To tell you the truth I have already been was the first night!

I'm beginning to get excited about these up coming months full of new experiences. I'm looking forward to learning how to swim sets in spanish :) 

p.s. ignore spelling mistakes because my laptop is now in spainsh mode and thinks every single word is spelled wrong, and I'm to tired to go through carefully...I'm running on about 2hours of sleep since Wednesday night, yikes.