Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Hard Not to Judge

Happy 1/2 Birthday Madeline, I love YOU!!!

Okay, so my first week of school is over with, and I'm not really sure what to think.
 Today in phylosofy we talked about God, and I had a really difficult time wrapping my brain around that one. What does God even have to do with philsophy? And not everyone believes in God so how is that fair to teach about God. Also we have a class I have no idea what it's called but it's like world science and basiclly its about evolution, which is totally different from in the states where your not allowed to teach evolution...I think. It's almost as though there is a right way of thinking and you can't think outside of the box, because the ideas that are being taught are so structured. Sooo I'm not really sure what to do with that, so I just sit there and try and decifer the topic of conversation... I'm doing pretty good, able to get down the basic ideas and concepts of the topic.
In the past few days I have gotten a lot of support from within the school. During English class I am now taking Spanish "class" with my Spanish teacher. Class in quotations because its more of sitting and talking, or writing awnsers to questions. A little bit of everything, and during this time the teacher has a class or like a group of kids that she is supervising, so today a bunch of girls took interest in me and began asking questions and what not.  
I am definetly noticing a difference in my comprehension...a little bit...not really. In class I feel like I am able to understand more, and I am talking with people in my class, which helps out loud Spanish.
Last night I went to my first real fĂștbol game in Sevilla. It was really fun for the first half, but then it became a bit boring and I was super tired. The game didn't being until 10pm and I wasn't in bed until 1am with morning practice and then school the next day. The staduim was huge and filled with people smoking and eating sunflower seeds... an interesting smell combination.
Tonight there is some big swim team celebration and we have to dress up... and I mean DRESS UP!!!! Ana went and got here hair cut just for the occasion, and I have to wear a strapless dress! I have no idea what tonight is about, but I'm guessing that it's something huge considering all the preperation, etc.

Pictures...I completly forgot to bring my camura to the game yesterday and felt a large pang in my stomach, but Ana took a few with her phone so now it's just figuring out how to get them to my computer. I aploigize because I know you all are dying for pictures, I promise...sometime this weekend.

until next time...