Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Year Ago...

The 15th of September has come again, yet this year under very different circumstances. Exactly one year ago, I was sixteen and embarking out into the world without anyone to rely on but myself. It was the beginning of me growing up, of getting not only my foot outside of the door to independence, but my whole body as well. Freedom had at last reached my freckle laden face.
Looking back upon my 365 day younger self, I seem to be a child, so ignorant and unexplored. Setting off into the world seemed to have the same effect as a firecracker upon me. I was lite up, I bloomed and now I'm a firework with no end to the things I can do. I feel unstoppable. 

My second weekend in Spain, I attended my swim teams end of the season gala. Of course now I wish I could attend again, for I now have an emotional connection with the people, team and experience. It is something that is a part of who I am now. And so when my host sister asked me to make a video for the gala tomorrow evening I agreed, although maybe with a bit of hesitation. So I thought for the first time I would give you guys a look at me speaking Spanish, and so for all of you who have been begging me to talk to you in the unique romantic language, I hope you enjoy.

Getting back into school has been tough, but it has been good in the sense that I am no longer wallowing in my room for hours on end. It is good to be back to a regimen, but at the same time I feel confined. Even though it may be good for me to get back into it, I feel even more lost than ever. My partner in crime has already established herself without me around, leaving me know where to fit in. I don't know where to begin, and I find myself wondering why I can't meld in, here in my own country, when I seemed to do it so effortlessly abroad. I mean shouldn't it be easier here?