Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soak it Up

Why is it that you never really realize what you've got until you leave?!

Tonight was a ladies night out, Madeline, my mom and I along with two of our female neighbors went into Portland to a place called Soakology. We sat on large comfy chairs/sofas while soaking our feet in large warm water baths with different scents of our choosing. I felt very open in a way and multiple emotions coursed through my body. I'm petrified to leave, to be gone for so long, to enter the unknown. Yet in a way I can't wait to mix it up and to experience something like nothing before.

I got an email from my host sister today, Ana. She sent me a picture of her family, I'm going to ask her if she would be alright if I put it up on the blog. We are sharing a room and she asked me if I what top or bottom bunk. Over our past few months having correspondence our emails have become more frequent, detailed and filled with emotion. I'm extremely excited to meet my family and to see how a different family in a completely different country operates.

I'm petrified yet excited to begin a journey into the unknown.