Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In A Blink

It seems as though just a few months ago I arrived, and now here I am one month away from seeing my family. I remember having to say goodbye to my family as vividly as though it was yesterday, it was something that I could have never imagined doing nor how I would react. Now here I am, after months that have gone by both fast and slow, getting ready to welcome my family into my Spanish life, and I am once again questioning how I'm going to react. I'm feeling emotionally confused when it comes to leaving. A part of me wants to stay and a part of me wants to go, and I'm having a bit of trouble straightening out my feelings, in a way its as though I've been brought back to the beginning of September...

Friday, May 13, 2011


Now, I never imagined getting the opportunity to study abroad in Spain, let alone getting the opportunity to travel to Italy for swimming and a bit of sight seeing.
To sum the experience up, I think the word spectacular would fit in quite well. The first day, was a bit challenging for me with the language, because it was as though I was once again brought back to ground zero when it came to communication skills. However it was nice to have people there that did understand me, either in Spanish or in English, and in Italian, well chao, prego and gratzie, were about the only words I took away from that experience. What amazed me was the fact that I was understanding things by the end of the trip, I could have a conversation with the coach almost perfectly. Once you learn one romantic language, you can understand them all... quite convenient.



Our team captain

please take a good luck at this picture, the bird and the boy. Of course I have another version, but I thought this one was a bit more interesting

our trip coincidented with the arrival of the Pope, you could say we killed 2 birds with one stone, sight seeing Venice and seeing the pope, all in one long, wonderful day.

Our girls team and one Italian

Group foto!
al agua

equipacion y todo

I never imagined that I would ever travel to Italy, and let alone under the circumstances that I did. At moments I felt emotionally touched, I feel as though this year, I'm the luckiest girl in the world, it seems as though everything is going perfectly.

I have to say that this trip made me realize just how much a part of this team I am, and want to be. Leaving is going to be the ultimate challenge...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


With "La Feria" beginning tomorrow, I thought I would give you guys a look into the tradition that the US lacks. The week of Feria, is basically a huge week long fair, filled with dancing, partying and of course the Flamenco dresses:

You know your in Seville, when your surrounded by "La Sevillana." Seville's traditional dance...why doesn't Maine have a traditional dance, it sure does bring people together and makes everyone feel part of something bigger.