Friday, January 7, 2011

Las Cabalgatas y Los Reyes

The above videos are of my adventures during the Cabalgatas, which in simple terms are parades. The parade is a procession of floats containing the 3 kings, a princess/star woman and then random other floats and people of foot such as those in the below picture. The parades are all about getting stuff...candy, t-shirts, stuffed animals, balls, you name it and they threw it.
It was quite eventful to say the least except for the fact that having hard candy pelted at you can be quite painful.

La Dia de Los Reyes, was difficult to say the least. I feel like opening gifts is something that you should do with your family, the traditions, the pace and tempo. But everything changes when your thrown into another family's special day. Stockings are by far my favorite part of Christmas, and when all there was were wrapped gifts I was a bit disappointed. I knew that there weren't going to be stockings, but when it came to the morning of, I realized that I wouldn't be opening a stocking until next year.
With my family we usually make the gifts last until early afternoon, but here we were opening by 8 and done by 8:30. So much excitement and anticipation can be put into something that in reality lasts a very short time.
I was gifted some nice stuff, although people don't really seem to understand my style. And as my mom said "when people go shopping for other people, they are drawn to what they like." Very well put, yet it is still hard to say, "I don't really like this" to the person who gifted it to you.

I was skyping with my mom yesterday and we were beginning to pull together a ruff draft of when they are coming over, and I started freaking out. Just thinking about having to leave all of this, all of the people and places made me start shaking. It took me by surprise, and I'm still not really sure how to process the feeling, because what exactly does it mean?