Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Friday was the local market and Sunday was Chichicastanango (aka Chichi), which is the largest open air market in all of South America. The colors and patterns were amazing!!

The local market!

Here are us girls at the mouth of the market, with our back packs in front so as not to be pick pocketed


A trip in pics

Walking down the street after leaving Esperanza's house

Tigo is the cellphone company for Guatemala and their ads are everywhere. This is just one of the hundrends of buildings we saw covered in their logo

Here is a little sign I saw painted on the inside of a door, it says literally: window of tortillas, veggies, fruit, corn and more.

Here is an awesome view from the center of San Antonio, the small town we visited on Friday

Look at that a bilingual stop sign for those of you who are unable to figure the shapes out!

This is a chicken bus, they are old school buses given a little more splash of color and style and converted into high speed commuter and or travel buses. They drive faster than most cars and sometimes are so full that people hang out the door.

Our Chicken bus experience! We took up about 3/4 of the seats :)

Go Go Go

The past few days have been crazy, however we all arrived safe and sound into Cape around 4am this morning!

Friday-was our day off. We went to a small town just outside of Antigua to the home of Esperanza, who runs the hotel we were staying at. At their home the family put on some traditional dances, showed us how all of the fabric is made and how home made coffee is made. The experience was a favorite to all, and really helped us appreciate how much time each colorful piece take to be made.

Esperanza's mother grinding coffee beans

Esperanza's younger siblings performing a traditional dance