Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reality Hits

It all seems so surreal, packing for 10 months having to think ahead and saying well that has to be on the top of the bag because I will be needing that in Barcelona. BARCELONA! I really couldn't ever imagine that it would actually become a reality, that I would be leaving home...before college of all things and setting out to create my own path in life.
Nothing is ever a reality until you are staring it in the face, saying how in the world did you ever get here, in my life. I feel like I am floating on cloud nine, getting the opportunity to set off and explore a different part of the world. Getting to live in Spain and being able to assimilate into their culture, being able to experience something worlds away from what I have ever been able to envelop in to my being. Yet on the other hand I am wondering how I'm going to get by without the support and love that I receive from my family and friends everyday. I know that I will be receiving the same support and love while abroad it just won't be as knowingly apparent.

I realized something the other day though that has given me a lot of confidence leaving all the people I love. I'm not afraid to leave anyone because I know that they will all be here when I get back and that our relationships and bonds are so great that nothing will tare them apart.

I leave tomorrow for Boston where we have orientation before flying to Barcelona and then to my host family Sunday afternoon.

My host family. The daughter Ana is 16 and one day younger than me and the brother is 21...so excited to meet them all.