Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Moment Is Now

I haven't put much thought into this post, other than the thought that I have to post sooner or later, because it has been too long. I'm really working on just being here in the moment right now considering the days left compared the days that have already passed is like comparing a mouse to an elephant.

This is my life now, the joy and pain (literally) are part of it, are part of everything. I've been thinking to myself lately, doing a lot of reflecting on the journey that I have already traveled, and the truth is that I am going to come out of this a whole new person. It is as though I've magnified a little bit of everything and added a bit of glitter. I'm curious to see how my new self will fit into my old life.

I am sitting here writing with my entire body crying out in pain. I got my butt kicked today. We mixed dry lands and swimming together today and  it was like a mini biathlon. Oh and add in the 90 degree weather and you've got the perfect conditions. All there is left to do is get myself out of bed tomorrow morning and hit the pool before school. Nothing new, just part of my Spanish life. I will definitely be taking away a different sort of experience and vocabulary than the rest of the other exchange students. Unique.

Next week is Semana Santa!