Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Past Brought To The Present

"The pain you feel is the weakness leaving your body."

I was told this about 6 years ago by a swim coach, and each time it was said I hated it more and more. I couldn't find any relationship between what it was saying and my swimming. When I feel pain from swimming it is not weakness leaving my body, it is me over coming an obstacle. However, the quote came into my mind again this week and I finally understand what it means. All it took was 6 years and 3000+ miles away from home for me to figure it out, and now it makes perfect sense when applied to my year here.
Saying that this experience has been easy would definitely be an understatement, I've experienced a lot of emotional pain, and obstacles that I've had to face on my own. And each one has made me grow stronger, which in turn is the same as saying that weakness is leaving my body. I'm changing as a person, I can feel it. I'm growing into myself, becoming more me. Discovering who I really am, it is not better or worse it's just ME!