Saturday, April 23, 2011

Semana Santa

If one word had to be put to the wonders of Semana Santa, I think that I would put breathtaking.  Seville seemed to become a whole different city; the streets filled with people from different countries all united with the same curiosity to take part in a world renowned week.

During the week of Semana Santa, which could literally be translated into "holy week," about 8 parades called "pasos" walk the streets each day. They consist of Nazarenos, people dressed similar to the KKK, however the colors vary. The Pasos can consist of as many Nazarenos as they want, the largest this year had about 2500, I believe. The Pasos each have 2 floats: the first of Christ and the second is of the Virgin Mary. The floats which are also called Pasos are carried by people called Costaleros, usually large men, each carrying about 50kilos. Quite a marvel.
 Paso de la Virgen
Paso del Cristo      

The above video is a collaboration of a few videos I took of this past week. Hope you guys enjoy.