Monday, February 21, 2011

The Middle Zone

Five months past on Saturday, which means that I have entered the back half of my journey. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not, considering some days I have moments when I don't want to leave, and others I just want some normal Maine living.
I have titled this collaboration of thoughts, "the middle zone" due to my dad's wonderful insight as to where I am right now in the time line of my year abroad. I have conquered the mountain of getting comfortable and am in the peaceful valley before I have to begin to part ways with the people who have formed my life for nine months. Its a very serene feeling to know that I  am right where I am suppose to be, yet on the other hand it is chilling, because how often is it that someone is on their path that leads them to grow into themselves. At times I am still shocked and speechless that I'm here. That I have made it this far and continue to have the strength and courage to do stuff that I have NEVER done before. Its like a free fall, you just have to have faith that you will come out the other side alive. Notice how I said alive and not another word, because the truth is everyone is going to come out with a scratch or two maybe more, but the real challenge is having the faith and courage in yourself to continue to the end, when the reality is that it would be much easier to climb right back up that ladder and sit watching at the top.
               "life ain't always easy, and everyday were survivors"

I've experienced a lot of different things during these past few months, however one of the most unpleasant is being dead tired and having to go out, and then everyone just laughing at me because I'm so tired, but never getting the idea into their brain to take me home. An example of this was last Thursday when a girl on the team had her birthday party. She likes to have her party on the day of her birthday which just so happened to be a school night for me, and of course on Spain's super late watch the party didn't begin until around 10pm, which for me is the time that I like to be curled up and in my bed, however that never happens. It may not be fun, but it is always... "part of the experience."