Monday, March 14, 2011

Chocolate Chips

  Me being the very untalented and unmotivated cook that I am, took a crack at chocolate chip cookies on Sunday, which to say the least turned out to be VERY yummy. Everyone who tried them thought so too... probably due to the fact that I thought it better not to mention that they were made with a cup of butter.

                                   Elizabeth my American buddy.

Today in philosophy (which I still do not understand), we had a debate about nature and culture and their interrelation, which to tell you the truth I did not understand at all. Of course it being a room full of teenagers and a safe area to express our true feelings, the debate went off topic and became a debate about cultures. I think this stuff is quite interesting so I was bummed that I had very little of an idea of what was going on. However, what I was able to decipher was that one kid had a totally different opinion than the rest of the class, so everything got a bit more heated which really made me disappointed that I couldn't understand.

Oh the language barrier, I just keep telling myself it's all part of the experience and it works for everything...literally.