Wednesday, March 9, 2011

As The Days March On

This post has been long over due, considering it's been well over a week and you all deserve a decent update. Well...
Nothing too exciting has happened, yet spring is on the way which means we are already in March, and to tell you the truth that makes me a little bit nervous. I don't know where all the days are going, but they just seem to be floating away into the never ending sky. Also March is when my birthday is and this is going to be the first year that I am going to be sung "happy birthday" to alone. Being a twin I always get to share the song and not just sit there awkwardly while everyone sings at me, however this year, I guess I will get to find out what all the fuss is about being a "single" person.

Nothing too exciting has happened this month. School is going well, at the moment I think I am passing a majority of my classes which is something to be proud of considering I'm taking all the same tests as my classmates. Sometimes I fall flat on my face, like today with a Biology test. I wasn't super duper prepared yet it wasn't like I went into the test cold turkey, however when the test was placed on my desk it kind of felt like I had. Oh the joys of Spanish school.

We have a championship meet coming up next weekend so we are starting to taper down, which is nice because we get to do short race stuff, but then the coach puts up 3000meters of nothing productive. Such a great way to pass 2 hours of your life.
I've been out (that is to say I've been kicking) with an injury for over a month now, tendinitis in my shoulders to be exact. The tendinitis is now gone, but my shoulders still hurt and the physical therapists for the team have come to the conclusion that my diaphragm is blocked from behind which is pulling on my back mussels and the the mussels under my ribcage which in turn are pulling on my shoulders and neck. I feel as though I'm falling apart and having to piece it all together from Spanish to English doesn't exactly help my understanding of what is truly wrong with me. Oh well, I still get to race next weekend and I guess at the moment that all that really counts. 

Welcome March... and the rain