Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Count Down

I leave in exactly one month...

I never thought saying goodbye could be so hard, I mean I guess I've imagined it this way, but for it to actually happen is an entirely different thing. I feel as though I am slowly building a wall to protect myself for when the time finally comes. Even though I know its not the right thing to do, I just can't help it!! Each moment I feel as though in a way is my last... driving over the bridge back into Maine, and looking at the sign that says "welcome to Maine, the way life should be." I'm going to miss it all, way more than I expected I would. I would be lying if I said I haven't shed a tear at least once a day for the past few days. And the saddest part  is that the smallest things trigger my tears, my emotions are being tried, but I know I can do it, because I am a warrior! 


  1. Oh, my emotional warrior girl! I will miss you terribly. I was thinking about skyping but realized i have no camera on my laptop. Have fun on your canoe trip. Miss you already and you haven't left yet!

  2. As a member of the older generation, I find that I am quite shy about expressing my emotions on a public forum. However, this posting has moved me so much, that I am ready to let go of my old-fashioned ways to tell you (and the world) how proud I am of my warrior who is a true winner in every way! I shudder to think what my accomplishments had amounted to when I was your age (let’s not go there).
    It seems only yesterday that I waited anxiously at the Tampa airport for you and Madeline to arrive on your first solo visit to FLA in celebration of my 70th Birthday! Now I will be following you on your newest adventure every single day. Please know you are loved and admired by so many and an inspiration to us all – carry on dear warrior. Love, MEOM