Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gaining Ground

What a world wind of change, learning and growing that has graced my life in the past two months. And everyday never ceases to add something to my ever growing bucket.

This past week was a challenge. I've gotten a bit of a cold, and just need a bit of down time, however with my go go go Spanish life style, I have to go without. Leading to my emotional, and now physical collapse. Not literally, but much pain was suffered this week, as well as tears being shed.

I was able to make it through today, which was a FAN day, in regular terms...swim meet.
The morning began with the 200brst, which I was able to finish with dropping time. And then the 50brst. We don't get to swim 50's in the states so I had a lot of fun with that one. Came out with a 35.09 which ended up being a club record. Now that's cool! Here I am this strangely tall, and now grossly jacked girl from Maine, just swiping the record. And to tell you the truth, the coaches seemed a bit more pleased than I was. To me, at least right now in my "new" situation, a record means nothing. I'm just out there doing my best and if something comes of it great, but right now I'm not going for anything. Which lead to my 50fr in the relay when I split a 27.8. For me it was no big deal, me just doing what I do best, but the coaches seemed shocked...quite comical.
For the afternoon, after my 200fr (not quite a flop, but not amazing) the coach started talking about how if I want to get on the 8fr relay I have to pull out  2:15ish. I just let him talk, not wanting to burst his bubble by saying that the last thing I want to participate in is the 8fr relay. The coach here is crazy, not literally but he sure does have his moments. Just imagine, a therapist, who is into Buddhism and spiritual stuff, being your swim coach. Yes, if you guessed that he makes the strangest metaphor's, and therapy relations to what we are suppose to be doing in the water, then you are 100% correct. He's always talking about having fun and smiling and laughing in the water. Its annoying, and ridiculous! Although sometimes he has a point, and then other times I just want to burst into laughter, however that would be rude.

I feel as though I have ranted enough for now...


  1. Hahahahaha I couldn't help but laugh at the part about the coach, that is soooooo funny! I would be laugh right along with you <3 Although my favorite sentences has to be "Here I am the strangely tall, and now grossly jacked girl from Maine." Now that is how the Kraft twins roll.......except that I'm not tall and most definitely not jacked!
    Anyway Love you <3

  2. Oh my gosh! Cannot wait to see your grossly jacked self! You are SOOOO fast. I've never thought of you as strangely tall.

  3. Way to go Heather, you speedster! I hope you can get some decent rest today, tomorrow, etc--your body needs it! Since you are impressing your coach, maybe you can convince him your body is precious and so needs some rest? If he is a true Buddhist (and therapist?!), tell him that taking care of your body and mind should be a priority...
    I love ya!
    love, connie