Friday, March 25, 2011

A Spanish Birthday

I rang in 17 the Spanish way this year. Many embarrassing moments with people singing "happy birthday" just to me! Being a twin, I've always wondered what it would be like not to share the birthday song, however after yesterday I am more than content to share it with my sister.
I kicked off my day with French class and getting a 2.7 on my test! I ended school with a biology presentation which my teacher thought I did super great in, however I thought the opposite because I read basically everything off the paper. Which means only one thing, I'm upping my expectations for myself in Spanish school, uh oh.
To swim practice I brought a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies, which were gone within minutes, and my birthday gift was a balloon pink panther.

                       This seems to sum up the team <3

Yesterday didn't really feel like my birthday, because none of the things that usually happen on my birthday happened. However one thing was the same... I opened gifts with my family. Okay that might be a stretch, I talked to my family when my sister opened her gifts and we sang to each other. It is strange celebrating my birthday all by myself.
Today is my host sister's birthday. The truth is that if there is anyone who would have to be my other twin in a different country I would want it to be her. We are having a party tomorrow, so more pictures will be on the way.

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes


  1. What a wonderful posting and a beautiful way to celebrate your "shared" birthdays.

  2. Can't wait to hear how the birthday bash goes. Cool pool. Can't figure out what's covering the pool?

  3. Heather, I Love the new feature of "page views". It must feel rewarding that so many people are viewing your blog. At this minute your blog has received 12,353 hits !! Of course there will be more hits once you post your rocking out dance birthday party photos.....or do we have to go to facebook for that. Tu Madre