Sunday, May 1, 2011


With "La Feria" beginning tomorrow, I thought I would give you guys a look into the tradition that the US lacks. The week of Feria, is basically a huge week long fair, filled with dancing, partying and of course the Flamenco dresses:

You know your in Seville, when your surrounded by "La Sevillana." Seville's traditional dance...why doesn't Maine have a traditional dance, it sure does bring people together and makes everyone feel part of something bigger. 


  1. Really fun Heather. Can you find some Flamenco dancing with the dresses to post? See you soon

  2. Wow Heather--thanks so much for putting together the photos and videos--of Semana Santa and La Sevillana--so amazing. It brings back so many memories. Im glad you are having an incredible experience of it all. I hope you are getting down the Sevillana! I will need you to re-teach it to me, so we can show all at the beach house...
    I love you! Enjoy this week to the fullest! Dance with some nice Spanish boys!! Beware of the awful tasting wine they serve in all the tents! Cant wait to hear all about it, after it is over and you get some sleep!
    love, connie

  3. Hi Heather! Fun post. Miss you - Mimi