Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Winds Are A Changing

Well the first month of 2011 is over, and I've still been writing 2010 in my journal. I haven't quite gotten my head wrapped around the idea that its a new year and now a new month, it seems as though postponing my new years rituals has thrown my mind frame a little off cue.
I've had a lot on my mind lately, yet getting it out of my mind and putting it in my fingers has taken longer than it should have. I have urges to write, but whenever I sit down, nothing seems to be put on the page, and a boring post is something I don't want you guys to be reading.

The past few weeks I've been feeling as though my Spanish has been going down the drain a bit. I've had trouble speaking, forming correct sentences and getting words out, however something changed yesterday, I had multiple conversations. Now when I say conversations, I mean one on one or just a few people and me adding to the conversation which is something I haven't done for a long time.

I've been in a good mood the past few days, which for me isn't exactly something that happens everyday, and when it does I enjoy it. As I've been here for close to 5 months now, I've established a place in my host family's life and also a position on the team. Yesterday something entered this picture and I'm not sure where to place it...her. She is a sophomore from Kentucky, whose here for 3 months (April) and is also a swimmer. I don't know how to feel, in a way I'm excited to have a "buddy" but on the same level, its bad for my Spanish and my "immersion." What made me smile the most was how excited everyone was the day of her arrival, it got me thinking if people were that excited when I was arriving, after all I was and still am the first exchange student this team has ever hosted.
The teams website designer took a picture of the "two American" and it will go on the web site. Once it is up I will post the link so that you all can see two tall, very pale Americans, fighting for survival on a foreign team. Not literally of course, but some days it sure does feel like that.


  1. amazing. I cannot begin to say how much of twins we truly are. My day was (in different context of course) exactly the same. Same feelings and same experiences. Wow!
    I love you <3

  2. I was wondering where you've been!! I'm glad you had a happy day. Why is your Kentucky team mate there for such a short time? I'm certain your Spanish is spectacular and you most definitely need to show off. We've been having lots of "snow"/ice days and hear Boston and Maine are getting tons. We were in Rochester then Hamilton again. Any more college thoughts? Love you Heather!

  3. I don't feel you could EVER write a boring post, since you put so much of yourself in it. And you are interesting ! I always look forward to the Spanish news.....time to shovel!!

  4. I was touched by Madeline’s comment on your latest blog, as I too am feeling that connection we all have as family. I was preparing to send you a note entitled “The Times Are a Changing” in response to your earlier posting (“a Level Playing Field”) about gender roles in Spain today. And before I knew it, you posted your note entitled “The Winds are a Changing.” Yes, dear Heather, nothing ever stays the same, and someday I will write about a woman’s role in the US in the 50’s. But like you so elegantly state, it sometimes is a struggle to transfer thoughts to paper. But please know this: you are never, never boring and we are all together in all we do. Love you with all my heart Meom

  5. Heather--
    Great to hear from you--as for me, the more posts from you the better--even very short ones that take you 2 minutes or less! I bet it is tough to keep up on your SPanish when you have a new english speaking roommate...but hopefully you can find a balance. I remember making a decision to speak only Spanish with my American roommate whenever we were with or very near other SPaniards--I think the SPaniards appreciate that and it is good for your SPanish. But when you 2 are alone, you can do whatever you want...
    Cant wait to see the pics!
    I love ya!
    love, connie